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Clients are involved in constant project progress monitoring and review, so having their feedback helps stay on the right track. This is equally important at all project stages, as clients typically have the best knowledge of target users. Here, we’ll include tips for business owners (what to ask developers during meetings, how to keep things organized, etc.).

As your needs change, you can always replace an employee, add more members or reduce the size of your ​​dedicated software team. Just inform us in advance, and we will cover all your needs in dedicated development team. The management of a dedicated team is handled Dedicated Development Team by the client primarily by conference calls, PM software tools, and meetings. The client can monitor all the team’s activity transparently and conveniently. After producing the MVP, Geniusee quickly developed the commercial build within a short time frame.

We follow agile practices, working in sprints with predefined deliverables at the end of each. To keep tabs on the process, you will get regular reports and can timely step in with changes or suggestions. At the same time, you don’t have to think about employee management and can fully focus on your business’s vital processes. Get your perfect dedicated team whenever you need more hands or extra skills. A dedicated software team is structured to have the skills required to complete a specific project (an app, a website, etc.). A typical structure, though, includes a project manager, quality assurance engineers, a DevOps engineer, UX/UI designers, and developers.

Despite being located overseas, they work well with the internal team and deliver based on the project roadmap. In almost five years, we have enhanced 100+ teams of our partners and clients worldwide, helping them pick the right people for crucial positions and deliver the best result possible. When you approach the development, it is assumed that you already have an idea and… Providing them is in the client’s best interest, as these tools enable the team to do their job. QA testers are responsible for ensuring perfectly-functioning software.

dedicated development team model

A dedicated team model is very effective for projects that need not grow and evolve over time. Basically, the team can be kept intact and the whole project will shift to another stage with no need to scale the team and set up another team to support the thing. With those advantages in mind, the project can adjust according to the situation without skipping a beat. A dedicated team model is perfect for projects that require the constant evolution of the requirements according to market performance or technological progress. Simply put, a dedicated development team is a business approach to app and web development.

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Within this format a team of developers is focused on a client’s project with the guarantee that no team member will be switched to another project. If your company has dynamically changing staffing requirements, relying on dedicated development team services is the perfect solution. The process of hiring a specialist is lengthy and resource-intensive. The process of recruiting a team of specialists can become an overwhelming burden, especially for a young company or startup.

Understands the user’s behavior and maximizes UX by aligning the product’s design with the user’s expectations. How to properly assemble the efficient work of your IT department to get the best business results and amaze your customers? Over the years has been developed a number of tools for inspecting traffic.

But let’s dive into the details and discuss other benefits of this model. Experts are gathered into the team and start work during regular hours.

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Before launching a product, you need to ensure that everything works; this is a QA’s job. The QA should check that the product is bug-free, meets safety standards, and has excellent usability. QAs make sure you avoid pitfalls such as your app constantly crashing, which not only annoys customers but may also compromise the security of their data. You may not yet know the precise requirements, but you must outline the big picture so the vendor can draw up a shortlist of appropriate specialists. Due to evolving technologies – this requirement is vital in maintaining and growing the product. In order to succeed in big-time, the project is required to never stop evolving – add a new feature and refine the existing ones.

So, as a client, you’ll be collaborating with UI/UX designers to create a truly customer-centered product. The talent shortage is another problem that the dedicated team approach helps to solve. This means the projects will require new functionality in the future, for which a dedicated team is a good choice. It is exactly that part of project development when the team is constructed so you should clearly understand your needs. Moreover, it is necessary to explain all the aspects of your project to the team and create a comprehensible guide for each member. This stage includes setting up the infrastructure, forming the main team, intensively transferring the knowledge and conducting preliminary workshops on the customer’s side.

dedicated development team model

DT model the team can be reconfigured at every stage of the project according to the current needs and requirements. I have been working with Andrew and Ardas’s team as CTO of INFINOX Global as a principal financial services client. I frequently connect the team to discuss strategic decisions and plans for the future. Ardas was tasked with the re-development of our mature SaaS application. They initially helped us with our new hosting architecture before working with us to re-design and develop all elements of the application.

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For the time of the project, the team works exclusively on your tasks, taking no other work. Hiring a dedicated team from Syndicode, you are presented with a selected pool of professionals that fit your project requirements. They will adjust to your working environment and report to your project manager or yourself directly. Hiring a dedicated team is the right approach to achieve fast, reliable, and result-oriented software development within your budget. Although a dedicated software development team works autonomously, it leaves no stone unturned to deliver customized software solutions catering to all your business needs.

  • High-quality software development calls for the use of best workflow organization practices.
  • It’s moving from an opinion-based world to a fact-based world with product analytics.
  • The talent shortage is another problem that the dedicated team approach helps to solve.
  • We have covered some of the most reliable options for locating and hiring dedicated web developers.

Thus, the structure, as is seen by our clients, is a team of technical specialists and PM. This model lays full responsibility for the development process and the outcome on Syndicode as your software development partner. We build an end-to-end solution, starting with business analysis, creating specifications, designing and developing the product, ending with the post-release maintenance and support.

What Is Dedicated Development Team?

You assign a task and leave your dedicated team to work so you can give your full attention to vital business processes. All administrative work like tools, office, vacation management, an employee calling in sick, and so on, is our dedicated development company. We can also provide you with a technical manager and a QA team that has all the devices for testing at their disposal. We apply the latest tracking tools to keep you updated on the project status. Having their dedicated team was like having a real in-house developmental team.

dedicated development team model

Hiring dedicated developers can save money or resources spent on housing, hiring, or equipment. You can select an outsourcing vendor to help you get the right talent for your upcoming project but indeed provide efficiency that you can’t get with your in-house team. There is no way one can build a business without trust and mutual understanding. However, the relationship between the client and the development team in the team extension model usually isn’t so close.

Only the right group of developers, designers, and QA analyst has the power to develop the best software for your business. Hiring a dedicated development team always benefits your business if your project is complex and you have limited time and resources. Building a team from scratch will incur additional financial expenses and delay the project. Getting the best dedicated development team for your dream project is not as simple as it looks. However, there are various options where you can try your hands to hire the right talented team. We have covered some of the most reliable options for locating and hiring dedicated web developers.

Hiring a dedicated team is a great way to scale your business by attracting new specialists with the necessary tech and domain expertise. Focus and achieve your business goals; let us build a dedicated remote development team to empower you! The dedicated software development team is an approach to staff outsourcing that comes in handy in various situations. Limited budgets are perhaps the most common one, but it’s much more than that. It is a platform where you can come across the top companies with different areas of expertise.

Dedicated Team Provides Task Focus & Adaptability

This team resembles an in-house team, who are technically your employees. In this article, I’ll explain what a dedicated team model is, its pros and cons, and how it differs from other team formats. I’ll also share some tips on when to hire dedicated development team, and when it’s etter to look for other options.

With our screening and onboarding process, developers can start working on your project within hours. Only true dedication will turn your idea into a successful project. Gather yourself a team of brilliant specialists and like-minded people to make it happen.

Quality Assurance

This IT outsourcing model offers different options for effective management while the client can focus on other business stuff. Since the team usually works on a separate project, they don’t need to be on the same page with your in-house development team and go at the same pace. You can track the progress with management tools such as Jira and Trello and organize regular meetings. A dedicated team model means bringing a cross-functional team to cover all the stages of your project. Apart from traditional project-based outsourcing, this model entails more involvement from the client.

Let’s have a look at the top reasons why companies hire dedicated software developers. The team extension model seems flexible, and one hires developers with the necessary set of skills and competencies no matter the location. In turn, the outsourcing company handles developers’ hire and employee training, software and hardware licenses, and many other aspects. Outstaffing is a work process model where outstaff provider hires a team of required experts, deploys them at own premises and then rents them to the customer. To get all the benefits a dedicated team model offers, you need to form the right team structure and select specialists with the appropriate skills. That’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to the experience and reliability of the vendor.

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